[expand title=”Full Details Click here”]”KTM Motorcycles – Buy All Spares Including Body Parts, Engine Parts, Shock Absorbers, Clutch Parts, Gear Parts, Carburetor Parts, Wheels, Suspension Parts at India’s Best Online Shopping Store For Motorcycles, Bikes, Scooters & Scooty. Check Price in India & Buy Online. Free Shipping & Home Delivery only at Linkyweb.com.KTM Sport Motorcycle AG is an Austrian bicycle, motorcycle and sports car manufacturer. The company has its foundations in 1934, but it was formed as a full-fledged manufacturing company in 1992. The company is jointly owned by Pierer Mobility AG and Bajaj Auto.KTM is popular for it’s off-roading motorcycles and it’s street motorcycles. It is also considered the first motorcycle manufacturing company to offer a supermoto bike for the public.In the 1990’s, the Governments around the globe decided to change the limits of two-stroke displacement to 125 CC for the 250 CC and 250 CC for the 450 CC classes. This decision was taken in view of the burning environment issue, and it was a big blow for the entire automotive industry. Many successful companies like Yezdi, LML etc. closed down their companies, as it was directly affecting their motorcycle line-up. But KTM did not back down. Although the decision affected their Supermoto and Naked bikes directly, they continued, by creating better engines and improving the riding quality, which helped the company take up a huge proportion in the two-stroke market.Again in 2017, emission laws changed, increasing furthermore pressure on two-stroke engines. Two-Stroke engines consume a lot of fuel and release a lot of smoke, in comparison with the 4-stroke engine. But KTM was ready with it’s new advancements in the two-stroke engine department. It unveiled a new two-stroke engine with direct fuel injection, which will be controlled electronically. This drastically changes the fuel consumption. The engine becomes much more fuel efficient and cleaner than the classic two-stroke engine. By 2018, KTM EXC, KTM TPI and KTM Enduro came fitted with the new engines by meeting all of the new criteria set by the governments.KTM has a huge fan-base in Indian youngsters, especially with the new street motorcycles. Almost 3 million KTM Duke 390’s were sold in India alone. This in itself shows how popular the motorcycle is in the market. The naked look, along with the trademark KTM exhaust sound created a plethora of demand for the bikes.”[/expand]

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